FrontRow Juno Quick Start and Remote Learning

FrontRow Juno Quick Start and Remote Learning
This course will give you the tools you need to hit the ground running with FrontRow's Juno, a classroom audio solution ready to enhance engagement and empower educators in a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

Course Outline

Why Use a Classroom Audio Distribution System

  1. Classroom Barriers to Being Heard and Understood
  2. Whitepaper: 8 Reasons It's Hard to Learn in Your Classroom
  3. Overcoming Barriers to Classroom Learning
  4. Research: Student and Teacher

Getting Started

  1. About the Juno
  2. Everyday Use: Simple!
  3. Juno Quick Start Guide
  4. The Juno's Parts and Pieces

Setting Up Your Juno

  1. Checking Connections
  2. Visual Guide to Juno Video Conferencing
  3. Playing Audio
  4. Additional Features

Advanced Features

  1. Visual Guide to Juno Video Conferencing
  2. Advanced Features and Recording (Without Mask)
  3. Advanced Features and Recording (With Mask)

Additional Resources

  1. User Guide
  2. Troubleshooting Guide
  3. Juno Specifications Sheet
  4. Juno ITR-02 Tech Sheet

About the Course

The modern learning environment presents a wide variety of challenges, from managing teacher stress and fatigue to boosting student engagement, finding powerful solutions for remote learning, navigating technology planning and implementation, and more.

The FrontRow Juno is ready to help you meet those challenges head on.

The Juno is an all-in-one classroom audio system ready to be set up in minutes and to deliver the tools teachers need to exceed today's classroom expectations and learning goals.

In this course, you'll learn:

- About the Juno system's main features
- How to engage in simple, everyday use of the Juno
- About the Juno's parts and pieces and how to check key connections
- How to work around classroom barriers to being heard and understood
- About the Juno's advanced features and recording, both with and without a mask
- How to play audio and use the Juno's additional features
-  About the research backing Juno's ability to elevate your classroom environment

Let's dive in!

About the Instructors

Brad Balaban

Brad Balaban